What should I do about my contractor building next door and has torn down my fence?

The contractor who built my home is now developing a complex , behind my home.,of 15-18 townhomes to sell. He went past the property line the city just surveyed , with a back hoe he knocked my fence down over a yr and half ago then nailed some boards across it in a different [...]

If we are to use armed border guards, what is so wrong about building an electric fence??

If you lived right on the USA side of the USA-Mexico border, would you be opposed to an electric fence with razor wire at the top or at least a real fence to protect yourself from possible criminals coming across? Are they not criminals when the break the law by coming in illegally? Why not [...]

Why is the Mexican government so concerned about us building a fence on our side of the border?

Foxx called it “the berlin wall” If it is, the mexican side is East Germany- it is up to mexicans to fix mexico. Why won’t mexicans fix mexico rather than mess up the U.S with their crime, destroying our public school classrooms with thier spanish and our hospital emergency rooms with them having babies all [...]

What is your opinion about building a Fence to prevent Illegal Immigration?

In order to dispel misunderstandings, untruths and down right lies, those of us who want progressive immigration reform run the risk of being labeled “Pro-Illegals” by certain folks who are misinformed. TO BE SURE I AM AGAINST ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION but WHAT ABOUT REFORM? How can they become legal? Some folks in the U.S. lack [...]

How do I go about building a bench seat along my backyard fence?

I have wood from an old deck that was taken down and instead of throwing it out I’ve decided to recycle it and use it somewhere. The plan is to build a seating bench along the fence in my backyard but haven’t come across any building plans online, just plans for benches on a deck [...]