Do you propose building an impenitrable fence along the entire US land border?

That would be very expensive, wouldn’t it?
Or, should the government work on enforcing penalties against people who hire illegals? If there were no work here, the illegals wouldn’t come, right?
Which would be more cost effective? Which would be easier to implement?

Are we really building a fence along the US/Mex border?

I keep hearing about a fence being built along the US/Mexico border, set up with survallience and everything. Is this a huge media joke, or is it really in the works? My opinion is: we seriously, and truly need one built! It should be 6 feet deep and 15 feet high, set up with razor [...]

How do I go about building a bench seat along my backyard fence?

I have wood from an old deck that was taken down and instead of throwing it out I’ve decided to recycle it and use it somewhere. The plan is to build a seating bench along the fence in my backyard but haven’t come across any building plans online, just plans for benches on a deck [...]

Building a fence along the American and Mexican boarder?

Do you think that the United states should ask for permission from the Mexican govt to build that fence that Congress is looking into approving to be build at the boarder to keep Mexicans out of USA. Some in Congress think and want permissiopn from mexico……I say Why that we dont need permission if [...]