Do you propose building an impenitrable fence along the entire US land border?

That would be very expensive, wouldn’t it?
Or, should the government work on enforcing penalties against people who hire illegals? If there were no work here, the illegals wouldn’t come, right?
Which would be more cost effective? Which would be easier to implement?

If we are to use armed border guards, what is so wrong about building an electric fence??

If you lived right on the USA side of the USA-Mexico border, would you be opposed to an electric fence with razor wire at the top or at least a real fence to protect yourself from possible criminals coming across? Are they not criminals when the break the law by coming in illegally? Why not [...]

Is Saudia Arabia racist for building a fence on their border with Yemen?

Could it be they were protecting their citizens.

Doesnt building a fence around our southern border sound like a plot from a B movie?

What a stupid thing for our govt.. which is already spending a crapload of money on picking fights all over the world… to spend money on. I mean I support immigration laws, but this is a waste of money if ever there was one. Like someone is motivated enough to swim a nasty [...]

Why is the Mexican government so concerned about us building a fence on our side of the border?

Foxx called it “the berlin wall” If it is, the mexican side is East Germany- it is up to mexicans to fix mexico. Why won’t mexicans fix mexico rather than mess up the U.S with their crime, destroying our public school classrooms with thier spanish and our hospital emergency rooms with them having babies all [...]

Are we really building a fence along the US/Mex border?

I keep hearing about a fence being built along the US/Mexico border, set up with survallience and everything. Is this a huge media joke, or is it really in the works? My opinion is: we seriously, and truly need one built! It should be 6 feet deep and 15 feet high, set up with razor [...]

Is India a racist country for building a fence on their border?

Are they just trying to hold their integrity?

Who will be building the border fence on the U.S./ mexico border? And how will it be built?

Who will be building the border fence and whats the use if the ill. imm. will just cross over it or dig under it? What willl it also be made of…will it be highly survailenced with cameras and everything? Is there a reliable site where I can go to get info. on this?

What good will building a fence on the mexican border do?

Its not hard to jump it or dig a hole under it, why are they complaining?
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How much money do national guardsmen get paid for building the fence down there at the border?

Do they get health insurance? They are working in the sun with 115 degree weather; they could easily suffer a heat stroke. If I had the money I would send them gatorade or something. Most of them are just kids! Support our troops. God bless them.