building a private fence. will neighbor get mad?

do u think if i get my yard private fenced, that my neighbors will think i dont like them or sumthing? btw, thats not the reason why im getting the fence built.

My neighbor is building a planting area up agains the fence we share. Wont the dirt and moisture cause damage?

He is building up dirt to make a planting area up against he fence. Wont the moisture and wet dirt rot the fence and make it push out?

Our neighbor started building a fence next to our lot. How do I find out if they have the correct measurement?

Is it our responsibility to have our land geodetically surveyed or have both the lands surveyed? Or is it the responsibility of the neighbor to show us their geodetic land survey report? Our land is the in the Philippines. Where do I go to have this done and what is the possible cost?
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