When building an electric fence for my horses. How Far should I put my fence posts apart?

What should I do about my contractor building next door and has torn down my fence?

The contractor who built my home is now developing a complex , behind my home.,of 15-18 townhomes to sell. He went past the property line the city just surveyed , with a back hoe he knocked my fence down over a yr and half ago then nailed some boards across it in a different [...]

Building a fence is offensive to Mexico – Should we stop building it? Why or why not?

I agree with those who say that illegal immigration is offensive to the United States.

Why should we care if Mexico thinks building a fence will harm US and Mexico relationship?

Build the fence. Theyre still trying to enable there illegals to get in. Who cares what they think!

Should I offer to split the cost of building a new fence?

Hello! I moved into my current house 3 years ago. My next door neighbor already had a fence up on one end. Now a new family moved in behind my house few months back. And he put up a fence around his house and that took care of the back. [...]